We're back!

It has been way too long but we're back!

I and the GirlSense and NonSense team have taken some time to focus on other endeavours (*grad school*) and to also really think about where we're going as a magazine. Now we are ready and so excited to start off 2018 with new content and new projects on girlsenseandnonsense.com!

While we scheme behind the scenes for the next month, we encourage all writers and artists to check out our submissions page and consider submitting to the GS&NS online magazine. On top of the scheming, we'll also be gathering submissions to roll out fresh content in February. Hit us up!

Another big update to share is that GirlSense and Nonsense is no longer seeking just "female" writers and artists. We have realized that by using such exclusionary language, we have limited our reach to all people across the gender spectrum. GirlSense and NonSense is a place for everyone. So come one, come all! 

Look out, 2018!

With Love,
GS&NS Editor