Art: "Birth" by Anastasia S. Luna

"The white flower represents sperm

The moon is the divine uterus

The woman cries blood to represent the pain of birth

The heart and blood stand for new life

The locust on the moon represents death

Because with all birth, there is death"


Anastasia S. Luna is an artist from Portland, Oregon, USA. 

I am a Pinay Mexican artist creating for self expression, activism, healing, and enjoyment.

On their work: 

I was inspired to create this piece to resemble the cycle of life as a whole and how women are the connection between realms.

On creators: 

It is important for me to create and others like me, because I feel as a multiracial women I have been taught I do not belong in the art world, and what I create is not "art". I am here to say screw the mainstream art world and I will no longer wait for space, I am creating it.

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