To The Women Who Inspire Me #IWD2018

Hello again, dear readers!

You may have noticed some changes around here. Thanks for sticking around!

GirlSense and NonSense Magazine is indeed changing (more to come!), but it will forever remain as a place where readers are lifted up by art and stories from diverse perspectives. 

And to celebrate the relaunch of and International Women's Day, I wrote little poems for the women who give me love, friendship, and mentorship. I encourage you to find a way to celebrate the women who do the same for you. 

So here's to the women who lift us up, let us breathe, and help us hold tight to all that we are.


For Sarah:
We were plucked and set down on the same path
so we would never have to walk alone.
Religion wilted like a flower, college was a blast of wind that knocked us over,
but we ate tacos and told the same stories. 
I picked myself up, dusted the dirt off, and kept going.
You give me that always.


For Kelsey:
Sisters are flecks of the same star.
I find fragments of you in me.
You are my beacon that illuminates every darkness
with your wit, humor, and boundless bravery.
I see crescent moons in your eyes
as you reach for the heavens. 
I am forever in awe of you.

For Jaymi:
At 15, I had to write poetry in my closet with the door shut tight
to keep the world out long enough to make sense of it.
When words were not enough to quell confusion or hurt, 
it was your practice in survival and healing
that taught me how to move forward.


For Jillana:
I witness the full shape of your heart in your words and deeds.
You leave traces of love and goodness everywhere.
Authenticity is not just a sweater you throw on.
You don’t just wear it. It is your skin. You are it.
One day, I hope to look in the mirror
and glimpse some of you in me.

For Brittany:
I feel it in every hug and text message.
Love flows through your fingertips and with it,
you move mountains.
Wildflowers grow in your footprints.
You remind me to be spring water,
nourishing and steadfast.


For Victoria:
I didn’t think I needed a big sister until I did.
We were Spice Girls and Backstreet Boys at the top of our lungs.
We are mesmerized by the power of Khaleesi and dragons, and dirty charades.
And with our joy, the weight of the world is less. 

For Sylvia:
I found poetry in a corner of your classroom.
I found my voice for the first time
and you leaned in to listen.
I saw God running through your veins
and wondered what that felt like.
For what you give and teach then and forever: thank you.