Poetry: "Healing" and "Summer of New Beginnings" by Kieran E.


I.    everyday i wash my bones in the river and scrub away old skin like a cicada that’s become too big for its body. i let the current take it away until i am left alone, toes cold, everything cold

II.   somewhere far away, i am decomposing in a riverbed, returning to the soil that has both gifted me and cursed me. right now i am stepping in that soil and i am the one giving and cursing and loving

III.  time and space are the same so when my atoms finally return to stardust, i hope time treats me kindly

IV.  in this moment, toes numb and shivering, time no longer feels like a prison. together we dry ourselves off with sunshine and bless the days before and after us



remember how good the sun felt
on the back of your neck and on your scalp
remember the feeling of running
your fingers along your freshly shaven head
all the dead cut away so only new can sprout

that was the summer of new beginnings, of rebirth
that summer you no longer feared the unknown
but challenged it with open hands
you learned to fight with those open hands
and the fire that is ever burning inside you

learned to mold that anger into justice
into kindness into love
you learned that you cannot change the tide
and that battles are only massacres if no one fights back

Kieran E. is an artist and writer from Kuna, Idaho, USA. 

I am a high school student pursuing a career in both the arts and writing. Writing and storytelling for me, is a way to express my emotions and to tell the stories I think the world should hear.

On their work: 

My writing and poems is heavily influenced by my trans and queer experience, mental illness, and spirituality.

On creators: 

It is important for me to create and tell stories, so that it can start a conversation on topics I don't feel get enough representation. Growing up as white/Asian American, I never saw myself represented in the media and it was even more difficult when I started to question my gender identity. The stories of minorities and LGBTQ+ characters need to be told, so that kids and teens don't have to feel like they aren't normal or that they are alone.

Connect with them: 

Instagram: @an0malyy

Tumblr: @spicyfroogs