Theme Announcement: "Where I'm From"


“I’m from the town at the end of the highway and the city in the middle of the desert

where cornfields adorn the sides of streets like walls of yellow art, clouds dot the sky like cotton candy.

I’m from cold winters and hot summers, old fashioned apple pie and multi colored popsicles.

The small house with the trees I could point to as I walked home from school, smile on my face.”


The above is a passage from a poem I wrote in Creative Writing class during my Sophomore year of high school, called, “Where I’m From.” I’m not sure if, before I spent an hour of class writing these words, I’d ever really thought much about where I was from. Obviously, I’d grown up there - I’d lived there all my life - but all I ever seemed to think about was where I was going next. Where one goes next is incredibly exciting, and it excites me, but I know I would be an incredibly different person if I were to have come from a different place. The good, the bad, the beautiful - has made me into who I am.


I rewatched a scene from the recent movie “Lady Bird,” directed by Greta Gerwig. Anyone who has seen this movie would assume from the beginning that Lady Bird not only dislikes her life, but very much dislikes Sacramento, California - where she’s grown up. From the very first scene she expresses to her mother her desire to leave and go to college on the East Coast. As a viewer, it wasn’t until a scene with Lady Bird and Sister Sarah-Joan in her office, that I had a distinct realization of the opposite - besides the fact I totally related with Lady Bird.



“I read your college essay. You clearly love Sacramento,” Sister Sarah-Joan says to her student.

“I do?” Lady Bird asks.

“Well, you write about Sacramento so affectionately, and with such care.”

“I was just describing it.”

“It comes across as love.”

“Sure, I guess I pay attention.”

“Don’t you think maybe they are the same thing? Love and attention?”

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The heart of GirlSense and NonSense has always belonged to Boise, Idaho - yet, more and more we venture away from where we first came to be. We’ve shared works of writing and art from all around the globe - and are so honored to have done so. Until June 15, 2018 - we at GSNS will be prioritizing submissions (art, creative writing, essays, etc.)  for publication that respond to the following prompt: describe your community, where you come from - the regionality of it, or simply your home and family. Express your feelings about this place, good or bad, and how it has influenced you.

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