by Kieran E.
Kuna, Idaho, USA


you met jesus at a house party
he held his hands out to you
did you notice the scars on his palms?
did you notice how they are calloused
from carrying your burdens in them?

his lips are chapped
his knees are bruised
there is a cowlick on the back of his head
he is the son of god, but he looks so human

his hands are hot in yours
his brown, slender fingers tracing your scabbed knuckles
you are waiting for the scabs to disappear, turn to new skin
they don’t, but you still feel healed

the bright halo around his head circles around your heart
weaving, stitching, healing
helping you become whole again

you and him are hidden away
the music muffled
you don’t remember
why you came to the house party in the first place
if it was fate or luck that brought you to him

he squeezes your hand tighter
and you think you might love him
he lights a cigarette
the flame of the bic lighter casting
shadows on his face
you don’t think he could get more beautiful

he wipes the ashes on your forehead
he kisses you on the cheek
and his tears wet your face
he calls you brother
and you think you might cry



ode to myself
ode to the person i am becoming
i hope the world grants his kind soul mercy
ode to the sad sunday afternoons and the mornings when i didn’t want to wake up
ode to no longer wishing for time to stop, only to slow down so i can bask in a beautiful moment longer
ode to the art i have created from those moments and to the art i have created from not so beautiful moments when i wanted nothing more for the day to end
ode to oncoming days in which everyday i grow, both my mind and my body
ode to my body
this tribute is especially for my body
for so long it was something i feared and didn’t own
ode to reclaiment
ode to my body finally learning how to be one
ode to my mind for learning to stop thinking of my body as an object in a future grave or as a curse bestowed upon me
the truth: my soul was bestowed upon this body as a gift, handpicked from god’s orchard
ode to the truth
ode to the tree i was plucked from and to the seeds i will sow


Kieran E. is a writer from Idaho, USA.

"I am a high school student pursuing a career in both the arts and writing. Writing and storytelling for me, is a way to express my emotions and to tell the stories I think the world should hear."

On their work: 

"My writing and poems is heavily influenced by my trans and queer experience, mental illness, and spirituality."

On creators:

"It is important for me to create and tell stories, so that it can start a conversation on topics I don't feel get enough representation. Growing up as white/Asian American, I never saw myself represented in the media and it was even more difficult when I started to question my gender identity. The stories of minorities and LGBTQ+ characters need to be told, so that kids and teens don't have to feel like they aren't normal or that they are alone."

Connect with Kieran:

Instagram: @an0malyy
Tumblr: @spicyfroogs