Poem: "Flames" by Danielle T.M.S. Butler

The flames of past misfortune did not burn her,

they engulfed all she was;

reformed and renewed her.

Her eyes shot sparks of light 

through darkness for she knew

life was precious

and she owed it all she could give.

Danielle T.M.S. Butler is a writer from Plano, Texas, USA. 

I am a hybrid: Chicago soul, Texan spirit - it is the driving force behind my need for adventures and friendships. My love for words spiked while living in Seville, Spain. I am a young working professional with a marketing /ad agency background. I love Indian food and Tex-Mex. I am always down for Scrabble, and I'm obsessed with my American Eskimo puppy. This poem serves as a reminder that we have permission to free ourselves from the past and start again.

On their work: 

This piece was inspired by the tenacious spirit and the beautiful souls that bloom in adversity.

On creators: 

It's important to share your voice and tell your stories for all those whose stories are left untold because they do not have a voice.

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