Poetry: "The Blood May Continue to Drip" by Renee O'Connor

The blood may continue to drip

but I can feel you losing your grip

you can't keep hold of me much longer

we both know you get weak and I grow stronger

thought I was easy prey

mark my words I'll have my day

I will endure more than you can give

you can never drain my will to live

so...do your best to keep your hold

keep telling yourself I can be bought and sold

you ain't got the power to finish this fight

for whats inside me shines so bright

on the day I break free from you

my future will hold something new


Trapped like an animal in a cage

beyond the point of feeling rage

not knowing if it's day or night

blindfold robbing all your sight

hands and feet bound by duct tape

always thinking about how to escape

trying your best to stay alive

doing whatever is required to stay alive


Known as the man who wears the hood

holding an ax that never cuts wood

feared by all to a certain degree

making a living from others mortality

never a shortage of work to do

with one swing he cuts straight through

following the orders of the one in command

ax held firmly in his hands

savour some call him as they drop to their knees

no-one knows how many souls he frees


 It all happened in such a hurry

never crossed his mind it'd lead to sitting in front of this jury

years of watching her suffer their fathers abuse

there was nothing left for either of them to loose

maybe his sister could have a better life

was his only thought when he grabbed that butcher knife

he watched his father go to her room and close the door

she began to plead as their father crossed her bedroom floor

he knew he did nothing for far too long

to continue this was just so wrong

so he crept down the hall and turned the door knob

no more would he listen to his sisters sobs

he held the blade tightly as he rushed towards her bed

grabbing his hair and pulling back his head

the knife entered his throat and sliced from left to right

as the blood flowed their fathers face turned white


Renee O'Connor is a writer from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

I write, it flows like my blood. My intention is to let others know that they are not alone, the darkest days will give you strength if you just look.

On their work: 

This piece is my thoughts and feelings of my life, one of many.

On Creators:

You are not alone! Sharing my words helps give me strength and hopefully helps others!