Spring Theme: "For Mothers" by Pamela Craig

The GirlSense and NonSense Magazine spring theme is about place or a sense of home, and how perfect it is to have such a theme on Mother's Day. Mothers are home - safety and comfort anchored in love. And yet, mothers and the spaces they create are profoundly delicate and complex. Nevertheless, we celebrate this weird and special relationship with our mothers of all kinds today with a poem by GSNS Associate Editor, Pamela Craig.

For Mothers


For my mom, your mom,

the mother in all

and the mother of all.


Who spew love with flames on their breaths.

Who sacrifice their bodies and hearts and minds.

Who become our mountains to break the winds.


Who do all and are all

even when the world strips them of their due.

Without respect for what they give, 

without control of their bodies,

without equal power and equal voice,

they remain fire and flames, sanctuaries and mountains.


In the arms of a sixteen-year-old girl,

I took my first breath and found home. 

And even when she was drained of almost everything,

she still always found something to give.

She remained my fire and flame, my sanctuary and mountain.


Today and every day is a testament

to my mom and your mom,

the mother in all,

the mother of all.


Who take your hand, point to the sky,

and teach you to see blue, 

to see love,

to see you.


For mothers.