Poetry: "I trusted you." by Isabella Piper

You left me punctured and destroyed in a multitude of broken shatters
The thought circling my mind tried to replace demised love with plentiful flowers
The perplexed memory of you haunts me every single day
I never thought I would love somebody in this infatuating way
There was nothing beautiful about the way you left me while I demanded you to stay
Continually asking for me to move on.

I accused you of loving other souls. 

I knew deep in my veins you hadn’t been loving me the same
All while you narcissistically inferred that I was the one to blame
How could you be so insane?
I loved you even when nobody else did
I never in my wildest dreams imagined I would quit
All you ever gained from this was a win
You won me over so passionately
You tricked me as easily as all the other souls you have left in the dust
I never knew you as a monster I couldn’t trust
You are anything but a prince charming in the mirror
You frantically removed the mask as your true colors shined ever so clearly
You didn’t deserve the magnificent love I provided for you so dearly
I hope you learned your lesson this time around
I was the worst kind of woman to mess with out of the crowd. 


Isabella Piper is a writer from Three Rivers, Michigan, USA.

"I am Isabella! I am a seventeen-year-old that has been inspired by writing and creating since a very young age. Writing and using creative outlets is one way I release emotions; as well as showing the world what goes on in my mind quite frequently. My other main goal is just to meet other amazing writers/ creators along the way; it truly helps with your own work. We all must stick together and support each other through out our creative endeavors!"

On their work: 

"This poem is one that hit home for me. For all of the people out there that have experienced heartbreak, I’m sure you will completely understand. It is such a relatable emotion and we must all stand together and help one another throughout our lowest points in life."

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