Poetry: "Unstoppable" By Linda M. Crate

By Linda M. Crate

Pennsylvania, USA

if women must be roses
then remember we
carry thorns;
that we are fierce as much
as we are beautiful,
and we are wild and strong and powerful
not just some bird to be put in
gilded cage or prop upon a pedestal;
we have true power
is that not why
you always try to demean us?

i tire of being told of all the things i cannot do
of all the things people want for me
most of which is settle down,
and get married, have children, but i am wild;
why must i have to fit into their
perfect mold?
if i marry it will because i love someone
not because i settled
because i will not settle for anything less than what
i deserve,
and i will not be pressured or goaded into blooming
flowers that are not mine to hold;

Image by Chloe Glass

Image by Chloe Glass

i am blessed
as i am
because i have friends and family that love and care
for me and i have a heart that forgives anything
love and light are me and i am they,
but i won't pretend that i am more than mere flower petals;
i have a hurricane inside me,
and i will unleash the perfect storm on all those who
would think to try to stop me
i won't be stopped.