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Spring 15' Artist Profile: Fatima Tall

It makes me so happy to see that there is a form of media out there that actually positively advocates for women and girls. It’s a platform for young people to express their true individuality without the negative societal backlash that many girls do receive today. People need to know that their expression through any medium will take them that much closer to the people they want to be and the person inside of them that they want others to really see.

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Spring 15' Artist Profile: Rachel Anna Neely

GirlSense speaks to all young women. The emotional pains and joys of being a young woman can be felt through the art, photography, writing and poetry of this magazine. I know when I was in high school it was a very rough time and I craved an outlet just like this. I am excited to be apart of this movement and full heartedly support all the amazing work it is doing.

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