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Where We Are/Where We're Going

I'm writing this and listening to Halsey's "New Americana" because my BFF and fellow Co-Editor said I should almost one month ago, and Liv (our Facebook intern) was also raving about the band. This little story is important because it explains something very important about me: I'm not nearly as cool and hip as I think am.

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This is kind of a big deal.

This past weekend, I went away and spent some time staring at mountains and laughing with my cousins. I also spent some time staring at emails hitting the GirlSense & NonSense inbox (because who can ever really just put their phone down?). Girls from all around the country (and from different countries) are submitting their photography, poetry, essays, art, etc. to GirlSense & NonSense Magazine to be considered for publication in our Fall 2015 Issue.

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Currently Reading: Eshleman's "Companion Spider Essays" (Ch. 2)

Eshleman begs for writers to confront our souls and all of it, every single thing "you want to overlook, the awkward, the ugly, thoughts that make you feel ashamed." He calls on writers to confront what we innately resist, to write alongside the rhythms and currents of our shame. We must seize it and as Olson explains, "It has to be something our mind, really on our mind, at the heart of us - where it hurts."

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Because courage means telling your story with your whole heart and your whole name.

Vulnerability means letting yourself be seen, your wholly imperfect self. Vulnerability means stepping into the arena and failing over and over, then wiping the sweat and grime from your face and going back in again and again.

To be vulnerable takes courage and as Brené defines it, "courage means telling your story with your whole heart."

And I'll add something of my own: to be vulnerable takes courage and courage means sharing your story with your whole heart and your whole name.

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