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Spring 15' Artist Profile: Jamie Sugai 

GirlSense and NonSense really means empowerment to me. I see a magazine filled with young female artists and they have been given a chance to showcase their work. I love the girl power that comes with the magazine; that means a lot for what I stand for and what I fight for. The magazine is a great way to build community, seeing what other girls, whether they live down the street or across the country, have the same interest or beliefs as I do. I love everything about the magazine - the concept, contributors, artwork and community that comes with it.

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Spring 15' Artist Profile: Rachel Anna Neely

GirlSense speaks to all young women. The emotional pains and joys of being a young woman can be felt through the art, photography, writing and poetry of this magazine. I know when I was in high school it was a very rough time and I craved an outlet just like this. I am excited to be apart of this movement and full heartedly support all the amazing work it is doing.

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