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Special Edition Issue: Interview With Christine Stoddard

"So my art starts from the personal, but I always have broader aims in mind. I want my art to be for all kinds of women. I also want it to be for all kinds of men, with the hope that it will help them understand why women’s empowerment and equality for women matter."

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Rachel Fuller: On Vitiligo, Modeling, and "Loving Yourself."

When you first meet Rachel Fuller, you probably won’t notice anything outstandingly different about her appearance. She keeps her look low-key, despite striking grey eyes and strong bone structure (a photographers dream, right?), and can blend in well with the college campus crowd. Of course, that’s how she likes it. What you will notice first about Rachel is a quiet confidence, one that means that while she has an incredibly good sense of humor, she is not about to take any sh*t from you today.

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Spring 15' Artist Profile: Jamie Sugai 

GirlSense and NonSense really means empowerment to me. I see a magazine filled with young female artists and they have been given a chance to showcase their work. I love the girl power that comes with the magazine; that means a lot for what I stand for and what I fight for. The magazine is a great way to build community, seeing what other girls, whether they live down the street or across the country, have the same interest or beliefs as I do. I love everything about the magazine - the concept, contributors, artwork and community that comes with it.

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